Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nani Pays Tithing

Yesterday Nani did some work for Grandma who paid her 50 cents for her labor. I then sat Nani down and explained to her that Heavenly Father has asked us to give him ten per cent of any money we get. She didn't know how much ten per cent was but I told her it was one of her nickels. I explained to her that this is the way Heavenly Father builds churches and temples and that if she did this she would be making it possible for other people around the world to go to church like she does. Her first response was for me to make God and Jesus come down and she would pay them herself. When I told her it probably wasn't feasible but that the bishop could accept the money on behalf of God she was intrigued. She couldn't figure out what a bishop was, but she was eager to meet him and give him her money.

As we got to church we put our tithing and fast offering into the church envelope and sealed it shut. I then gave it to Nani and asked her if she would like to hand it to the bishop. She said yes and walked up to the pulpit and handed it to the bishop. As he was accepting it I could see her saying something to him but I couldn't quite make out what she was saying. I asked bishop, and he said something about wiffle puppy. When we got home from church I was still curious about what Nani had said so I asked her. She told me she handed the bishop the envelope and said, "go build a church!"

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